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Friday, May 20, 2011

Cherry Blossom Wedding

Cherry Blossom Wedding are the perfect keepsakes for an Asian Themed Wedding. Cherry blossoms are the name of a flower that comes from the popular cherry trees in Japan called Sakura. Their unique and potent aroma can really add something to your wedding reception for both you and your guests to enjoy. Whether you are looking for cherry blossom designs on your wedding decorations or popular cherry blossom wedding for your friends and family to take home with them, there are plenty of items to pick from. For starters, you can get cherry blossom candle favors that actually come in the shape of wedding cakes.

The look of popular cherry blossom wedding favors makes these items the perfect accessory to decorate for any wedding, but the cherry blossom designs goes especially well with those that take place in the spring time. Another favor as a thank you from you to your guests is the cherry blossom scented soap. These circular bars of soap not have cherry blossom shapes imprinted on them, but they also have a strong cherry blossom aroma. Your friends and family, as well as you and your new significant other, will be able to smell these down the road and remember this momentous occasion as if the moment were frozen in time. Then there are the cherry blossom wine glass shades for you to place over a wine glass that has a small candle burning brightly from within. Plus there are cherry blossom glass coasters in which to rest your delectable drinks upon.

Asian Wedding

A Japanese pearl theme might well be your perfect Asian Wedding venue and can be accomplished fairly easily. To enhance the atmosphere of your Asian wedding, drape centerpiece vases in strands of costume pearls (or real if you have access to royal coffers) and stuff with white ostrich feathers. Fill the room with iridescent balloons in ivory, pearl gray and pale pink and select pearl hair-combs and necklaces for the bride and bridesmaids and a pearl tiara for the bride. An Asian Pacific theme has nothing at all to do with time zones and provides another beautiful vehicle for an Asian wedding ceremony. Hot-glue faux pearls into large mother-of-pearl oyster shells and scatter them all about the Asian wedding reception room. Asian Wedding can take many forms. One very popular choice are fortune cookie wedding favors. Other ideas for Asian Wedding might include: bamboo place card frames, incense sets, gifts of tea, fortune cookie key-rings, jeweled votive candles, almond cookies, lucky bamboo plants, paper or sandalwood fans, sake cups in different materials and shapes and porcelain tea cups with the double happiness symbol.

For bridesmaids at Asian weddings, popular wedding favors can include: gold-tone hair combs, decorative chopsticks (hair adornments) jeweled flip-flop sandals and a feminine shirt with each bridesmaid's name custom-embroidered upon it and tucked into a large-size fortune cookie box.

Slideshow Wedding